Putnam Bogie
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The Go Anywhere, Do Everything ATV Trailer!
Putnam Bogie ATV Trailer with multiple units

The "Putnam Bogie" may be towed in tandem with as many units as you want! Simply attach one after the other to haul all the equipment and supplies that you need to get the job done.
Putnam Bogie ATV Trailer loaded with camping gear
The "Putnam Bogie" is a trailer for all seasons, and conditions. By removing two rings, the "Bogie" wheels are converted to skis, and can be pulled by a snowmobile.

Putnam Bogie ATV Trailer with skis

The "Putnam Bogie" is a small yet sturdy trailer, designed to easily move heavy loads. The "Bogie" axle has two wheels on each side that keeps the cargo level. The trailer is quiet, because the wheels "walk" over obstacles and rough terrain, with minimum damage to the ground.

Putnam Bogie ATV Trailer can walk over obstacles!
The trailer can either be loaded by placing cargo in the upright trailer, or one person can load heavy and bulky items by laying the trailer on its side, and attaching the cargo, and then up-righting the trailer.

The tires and wheels are specifically designed for rough terrain. Puncture sealing tires and special wheels keep the tires in place.
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