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The Go Anywhere, Do Everything ATV Trailer!
The ideal way to easily move materials to wherever you want them! - The Putnam Bogie Dump Trailer

This new model comes with all the same heavy hauling capabilities, smooth load handling and versatility as the standard Putnam Bogie. However, your load can now be easily unloaded using a 12-volt DC, operator controlled actuator switch that controls tipping the cargo box. The load can either be dumped in one spot or spread over the desired area. The actuator can lift the cargo box to different heights and the tailgate can be adjusted to spread the load over whatever area you wish, whether it's barkdust, sand, gravel, firewood, plants, or animal feed. The dump trailer weighs 475 lbs (216 kg) and can haul material weighing up to 1300 lbs (591 kg).
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